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Gozby London

I am Worthy Mini Affirmation Candle

I am Worthy Mini Affirmation Candle

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Introducing our exquisite hand-poured Mini Affirmation Candle, featuring the empowering message I am Worthy. Designed to inspire and uplift, our Motivational and Self Love Candles make the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. Each jar is adorned with an evil eye, symbolising protection and positivity, creating a harmonious atmosphere during meditation sessions. Delicately embellished with rose petal crumbles and infused with a powerful 10% lavender fragrance oil, these candles offer a captivating scent that lingers in the air. With a burning time of 9 hours, they provide long-lasting tranquility and serve as an ideal Mindfulness gift, aiding in stress relief, alleviating depression, and soothing anxiety. Illuminate your path to inner strength and serenity with our Mini Affirmation Candle collection. 

Width: 4 centimeters

Height: 6 centimeters

Volume: 30 milliliters


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